Subway Diary Week #1

In Subway Diary on January 9, 2008 at 4:51 am

Enter me into a somewhat crowded car.  I spot a seat and I give the courtesy five-second glance to see if anyone older or more disabled than I is slowly making their way to the seat.  No takers, so I squeeze next to the woman with the iPod blaring and bury my self in the two day old Sunday Times magazine.  3 stops to go, so I doubt I’ll finish the ten page cover article, but I try.

(Cue that sliding door in between the cars.  It rattles open and somehow manages to not fully close.)

“It’s never too late to late for God.  God loves us all and He wants us to enter his kingdom.  We have to prepare.  He is upon us…”

I’m dying to look up and inspect the sign that’s draped across her chest that’s less than a foot from my face, but I feel this might invite direct contact.  To continue reading is now next to impossible.

“…each one of us is sinners.  We have to feel His love.  He loves us.  He wants us to feel His love.  If we don’t prepare, we ain’t gonna make to his kingdom.  We have to make it…”

I can’t tell if anyone else is as bothered as I am.  She’s no match for the iPod, but the out-of-towners (not foreigners, I’m guessing North Easterners) are carrying on an across-train-conversation without missing a beat, albeit her sign is less than two feet from them.

“…we must show the love.  For each other too.  Satan wants us too.  We have to reject the temptation…”Stop one, the doors open, but she doesn’t budge.  Out-of-towners pass the subway map across the aisle and say something about the Christmas tree.

“…if you let Satan in, you can’t enter the kingdom…”

The doors close, and I realize I’m on an express and should be on a local.  Out-of-towners pass a generic black shopping bag across the aisle.  

“…how are you gonna enter if you let Satan in?  We have to love our brothers.  Love our sisters.  And we have to show Him how much we love him…”

iPod stops. Out-of-towners pull out an un-opened bottle of wine. I put my magazine back in my bag.

“…I want to take you there…”iPod starts again, just as loud.

“…He’s waiting for us-is that olive oil?”

Out-of-towners are examining, what looks like, an expensive olive oil bottle, with herbs trapped inside it.

“That looks nice.” 

Apparently a $20 bottle of olive oil is welcome in the kingdom. True story.  

Tuesday Jan. 8th, around 8:00am, B train from Broadway-Lafayette to Herald Square. 

**This is part of a series entitled Subway Diary.  These anecdotes are based on my real interactions on the NYC Subway.  The basis of Coffee Cup (a theatre co)’s upcoming show in May at the Access Theatre in Manhattan. 


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